[82% Off] Intro To Computer Science With Python &Amp; Jupyter (Unit01)

Python & Markdown on Jupyter Notebooks via Colab

What you’ll learn

  • You will gain experience in coding with Python and Markdown using Jupyter Notebooks. This course will give you a good introduction to basic coding concepts.
  • We will discuss several issues in Computer Science including Computer History, Computer Ethics and Computer Literacy.
  • Discussions will include the difference between the Central Processing Unit, the Arithmetic Logic Unit, the Memory Unit and managing IO.
  • I will give the experience of sitting in my own college classroom where I have taught this material for decades! I will suggest outside sources and textbooks.


  • No programming experience is required. We will cover everything you need to know from the ground up!


Introduction To Computer Science with Python & Markdown on Jupyter Notebook is a great course for you if you have little to no experience coding in general or with Python in particular. This is a beginners’ course covering Functional Programming with Python, not Object Oriented Programming. I will also give you a background in Computer History, Computer Ethiics and Computer Literacy.

We will also explore the inner workings of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and how it controls Input/Output (IO) devices and peripherals. We will investigate how the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) makes computations in Binary and how the Memory Unit (MU) stores information in Hexadecimal. We will also learn how the ALU performs Boolean Logic and Logical Comparisons.

I hope to give you as close an experience as possible to the experience you would have if you took this course with me in my own classroom at the college! I’ve been teaching High School and College Math, Physics and Computer Science for over 30 years. I recently retired from High School teaching and would like to share my experience beyond the classroom. So, you’re in luck as I am currently converting my College Introduction To Computer Science class into this new format for the Udemy platform.

Hope you learn a lot!

Enjoy and Be Well,

Professor Garcia

aka MrG

Author(s): Alvar Garcia-Fernandez

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