Free Starter: Node & Express API with TypeScript

Get started with Node, Express & TypeScript: Setup & basic Routing – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Setup Node & Express with TypeScript
  • Implement basic Routes: GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE

  • Ensure Type-Safety


  • Some JS or TypeScript knowledge


In this free starter, I provide you the first two sections of my course “Backend API with Node, Express & TypeScript – Fast Track”.

  • Setup Development Environment for Node & TypeScript with Visual Studio Code

  • Configure git and Heroku in VS Code

  • Provide test data for API Development as JSON

  • Implement basic Routes in a Typesafe Way

In my full course there are additional sections on:

  • Express Middleware

  • Request & Response

  • Express Routers

  • Database Integration with PostgreSQL

  • Firebase Authentication & Session Management

  • API Security

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