Free Microcontroller Tutorial – microcontroller and c programming language with tft lcd ex

microcontroller and c programmin language and whatever need to learn programming for every microcontroller with example – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • All the basic of C programming language
  • microcontroller side of C programming language
  • All professional side of C programming language
  • How to use less ram and rom and have more speed
  • learn all about TFT LCD and how to work with them


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in this course we will talk about all the basic of c programming language after that we will learn all side of microcontroller side of c programming language

then we go for more advanced stuff like how you can code so it wont get a lot of ram and rom and even how you can write code so it will be fast to execute

after that we will learn all about tft lcd and how to use them we will write some code together for it as an example to this course

Author(s): David Ansel

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