Free MATLAB Tutorial – How to Simulate Electronic Properties of Nano Structures

Simulate Band Structure of nanostructures like Graphene & Carbon NT in Matlab. Tight Binding/E-K diagram/ Nanotechnology – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • You’ll be able to model electronic properties of periodic structures, examine your ideas and propose results for your projects, thesis and publications
  • About Band structure, how to read and analyze a given E-K diagram. What does Energy band and level means and also relation between energy and momentum in E-K diagram
  • Tight binding model. What it is, how it works
  • Concept of Band gap and what does direct or indirect band gap mean
  • How to implement Tight Binding method in Matlab to explore Band-structure (E-k), Bad ap and obtain Hamiltonian Matrix of periodic structures
  • Bloch Theorem for periodic nanostructures and answers of Schrodinger equation for periodic potential
  • Become familiar with Graphene Nanoribbon and Carbon Nanotube structures and model their properties in Matlab
  • About Schrodinger equation and E-K diagram of free electron


  • No prior knowledge is required for this course, however, basic understanding of matrices analysis and working with Matlab is beneficial


Hi there,

I’m Milad from “Right Vision Academy”

In this course I gonna give you the tool, knowledge and skills that you need to perform cool projects and research about electronic properties of nanostructures like, CNTs and GNRs. At the end of this course, I’ll show you how you can convert a metallic GNR to semiconducting material or vice versa by modeling defects throughout the body of Graphene, as I did myself. I proposed a new method to tune Band Gap size of CNTs and GNRs, a critical electronic property of nanostructures and I published the results in credible journals.

I ensure you that you’ll be able to the conduct the similar research and project at the end of this course, and the good news is, once I designed this course, I supposed you have no prior knowledge, so everyone with any level and background is welcome to learn how to work with nanostructures.

Throughout this course, we’ll see what is band-structure? the famous E-K diagram that appears everywhere and you have heard about. You will learn how to interpret band structure and you become familiar with concept of direct and indirect band gap. Next, we proceed and I’ll teach how you can obtain band structure and band gap of any repetitive nanostructure by using Tight Binding method. First I’ll give you the theory of TB and how to fill Hamiltonian matrix and then we step into coding stage. Together we solve examples in Matlab and I’ll show you how to develop a systematic simulator based on TB for any dimension of GNRs and CNTs. You’ll be able to extract band structure and Band Gap, and we’ll do a cool project at the end that gives you ideas of how you implement what you learnt to conduct wonderful valuable research.

If it sounds exciting don’t hesitate to enroll right now and I’m looking forward to seeing you in the course.

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