[Free] Docker And Kubernetes For React Js Developers 2022

Learn to containerize React application with Docker and Kubernetes – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of Docker and Kubernetes
  • Learn how to write dockerfile
  • Learn how to create and run docker container
  • Learn how to publish docker image to docker hub
  • Learn how to create react app
  • Learn how to create Kubernetes cluster using minikube
  • Learn how to create and run Kubernetes pods
  • Learn how to create self healing and HA apps using replicas
  • Learn how to create different kind of Kubernetes objects like pods, replicas, services and deployments
  • Learn how to do quick update and easily rollback
  • Learn how to make scalable app


  • Docker and Minikube installed
  • Have some experience on programming before.


Everyone is talking about docker and Kuberentes as they are chosen as the most loved and wanted tools among professional developers according to Stackoverflow survey 2022.

Docker and Kubernetes are the top players of containerization. Through containerization, companies are saving huge time and money. This is the main reason that is creating a huge demand for containerization technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

This course solely created for React developers who want to learn how to use docker and Kuberentes in their project. This course also covers some fundamental concepts of React as well. So any developer who wants to learn React and containerization technologies, then this course is for you.

Throughout the course firstly you will learn how to create react app, a to-do app. Then you will learn core concepts of a docker and Kubernetes. After it you will learn how to create Dockerfile to create custom docker image and then create a docker container through custom docker images. And publish a docker image in docker hub.

At last section, you will learn about Kubernetes, which is basically used for managing multiple docker containers. Creating pods then creating replica and last creating deployment Kubernetes objects.

See you in the class.

Author(s): Pranjal Srivastava

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