Deep Learning: Visual Exploration

Deep neural networks visually explained in plain english & without complex math – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Deep understanding of what is deep neural network and how exactly it works under the hood to come up with good predictions in real life problems (we will only explore feedforward deep neural network for binary classification in our course, but we discuss fundamentals so knowledge you will get is also applicable to all the other network types!)
  • Understand what is decision boundary and how exactly it is formed by a deep neural network

  • Understand why deep neural networks are also knows as function approximators


  • Basic python skills – optional, you will need python if you want to run the code we discuss yourself
  • Familiarity with neural networks at high level (terms like bias, weight and activation function should be familiar)
  • Jupyter notebook (optional and is needed if you want to run all the demos yourself)


Visual introduction to Deep Learning based on simple deep neural network. Take this course if you want to understand the magic behind deep neural networks and to get a excellent visual intuition on what is happening under the hood when data is travelling through the network and ends up as a prediction at it’s output.

In this course we will fully demystify such concepts as weights, biases and activation functions. You will visually see what exactly they are doing and how neural network uses these components to come up with accurate predictions.

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