Css Positioning For Absolute Beginners: A Basic Introduction

Learn how to use CSS to specify the type of position and layout of an element

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to position an element with static position
  • Learn how to position an element with absolute position
  • Learn how to position an element with relative position
  • Learn how to position an element with fixed position
  • Learn how to control overlapping elements
  • Learn how to position an element using the float property
  • Learn to display an element inline or block


  • Anyone with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS


Css positioning can be a bit tricky if you do not understand how it works properly.

Understanding how the css position properties and their values work will help you gain skills to manipulate the layout of a website and its contents.

Knowing how to position and display various elements on a website will make your work as a designer less stressful.

This course will teach you how to position elements in a static ,relative, absolute and fixed way.

You will learn to use other position related css properties like float ,clear ,display and overflow to control the position of a webpage content.

This is a video based course that is less than two hours with practical examples you can follow along and practice with.

I am confident that by the end of this course you should be able to position any element on a webpage in a static, relative, absolute or fixed way.

There are also some exercises for you to practice with to build your skills.

I hope you will join me on this course.

Thank You

Author(s): Bluelime Learning Solutions

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