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What you’ll learn

  • Learn to think as a programmer
  • Understand the basics of programming
  • Get started with C Programming language
  • Set the foundation in becoming a successful Software Developer
  • Become ready to learn high level programming languages like Java or C++
  • Create your first executable


  • A PC running Windows, Linux or Mac
  • No programming experience needed. This course will contain everything you need.


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  • The essentials of programming

  • Learn by practice

  • Easy to understand vocabulary and analogies

  • Explains the thought process of a true software developer

  • Structured to be easy to understand

Who this course is for:

  • wanting to be part of the most exciting industry

  • wanting a new career

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  • wanting the freedom of being a freelancer


Learning C is the basis of computer programming.

Being one of the “oldest” middleware programming languages, C was developed in periods when the programmer had to consider all the hardware resources. There were no “garbage collectors” like in Java or any other helpers that will prevent your application not to crash the entire system.

So C offers great dominion over hardware and this makes it very powerful because :

  • C programs can be very well optimized, hence their popularity in embedded systems including the Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical domains where the resources must be extremely well managed.

  • One can design a failsafe program and this makes this language stand out.

  • C programs are extremely fast in execution.

  • Having to work closely with the hardware resources makes the engineer deeply understand how technology works

So after understanding C which is the basis of many programming languages, like Java, you will be able to easily grasp any other programming language.

Author(s): Vladimir Mighiu

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