C# 1000: Programming For Polyglots

Your Fast-Track to C# and .NET ‘Nerdvanna? – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn Modern C#
  • Learn how to debug modern C# programs using Microsoft Programming Tools
  • Understand how to navigate between active & debugging Windows
  • Discover standard, as well as alternative, coding styles & naming conventions
  • Understand the COMPLETE scope of class / namespace / assembly relationships
  • Review & practice the practical application of EACH and EVERY C# .NET Keyword
  • Practice distinguishing .NET paradigms such as getters, setters, static, dynamic, and enumerated content generation
  • Use C# Interfaces to create a colorized, cross-platform, gaming Framework
  • Create code from requirement specifications, professional diagrams, & testing techniques
  • Review the application of several well-known software Design Patterns
  • Understand when using the `ref` keyword is important … and when it is not!
  • Learn how, why, and WHEN to use `Properties` (a.k.a "getters" and "setters")
  • Discover how to use reference, as well as value, types
  • Learn how to create object-oreinted Accessors , Mutators, and Object Factories
  • Understand the differences between C# "classes" and "structs"
  • Review C#'s collections & arrays, as well as advanced data creation & initialization options


  • Either students who know at least ONE other programming language, OR brilliant first-time learners
  • Learners should know what an I.D.E is, as well as be able to create a basic C# programming environment


Welcome to our C# training opportunity!

Known as C# 1000: Programming for Polyglots, this educational opportunity is designed for students who are either extremely smart, or are already familiar with another modern programming language. -Great for accelerated concept reviews, or to fast-track your educational process, topics in Programming for Polyglots are ordered so as to rocket students into writing reusable, real-world C# .Net Core and .NET Framework Applications, as quickly as possible.

While all C# keywords and concepts will be covered in this training series, the accelerated learning process spends far less time forcing students to re-type trite & tiresome examples, to instead focus upon demonstrating what students will need to use to create ready-to-re-use programming solutions. There are few, if any, fatuous programming examples here!

So if you are tired of writing throw away code… or if you find yourself skipping or sleeping your way through so many silly & sophomoric programming concepts & examples, then Programming for Polyglots is designed for you!

Author(s): Randall Nagy

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