Building Interactive Apps With Shiny and R

Learn to build professional web applications from scratch – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Understand layouts, inputs, outputs, and data processing used in Shiny apps
  • Utilize Shiny dashboards to create professional looking web applications
  • Utilize advanced Shiny features like dashboards, automatic data refresh, and many more


  • Students should have basic understanding of R and Rstudio
  • Students should have R and Rstudio running on their computers


Go from Shiny beginner to Shiny pro with this course covering all the topics you need to build professional looking Shiny apps. Learn how to utilize inputs, outputs, and reactivity combined with the many different layout options available. Get real hands on experience building your own Shiny apps throughout the course to build your knowledge and put your skills to the test.

Building your own web applications can be challenging. That’s where Shiny comes in; Shiny allows you to build powerful web applications without needing to know any HTML, javascript, or CSS.

Author(s): Michael Weis

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