A TypeScript Tour with Applications in Node, Angular & React

Learn TypeScript from NOVICE to EXPERT! With Exercises, Course Project & TypeScript Usage with NODE, ANGULAR & REACT. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Get a profound understanding of all TypeScript language elements
  • Understand and apply the basic concepts of Backend API Development with TypeScript + Node/Express

  • Gain experience with TypeScript Development for the Frontend with Angular and React

  • Build a basic full-stack Web Application based on TypeScript


  • Basic programming skills and some HTML/CSS knowledge is an advantage but not required


TypeScript from Novice to Expert

  • Functions, Function Types & Arrow Functions

  • Interfaces with Function, Index & Hybrid Type Interfaces

  • TypeScript Classes and Object Oriented Design

  • Enumerations and Generics

  • Type Assertions & Type Guards

  • Advanced Type Constructions (Union Types, Type Mappings,…)

  • Asynchronous Programming with Callbacks, Promises & Async-Await

  • Decorators, Decorator Factories & Metadata Reflection

  • TypeScript Modules and Namespaces

Practicing TypeScript

  • Test your TypeScript skills in a couple of exercises

  • Final Course Project: Build a basic Web App with API Backend and SPA Frontend based on TypeScript

TypeScript Applications

  • Backend API with Node + Express: Routing, Express Middleware & Handling JSON

  • Frontend with Angular 5: Components, Data Binding, Directives, Services, HTTP, Forms & more

  • Frontend with React: Presentational & Smart Components, JSX, HTTP with Axios

  • Course Project: Build a basic Web App & detailed Solution based on Angular + Angular Material

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