[25% Off] +100 C# Technical Interview Practice Tests & Exercises

Test your C# skills & be more prepared for technical interviews with practice exams & modern interview questions


This course gives you multiple practice tests containing more than MCQ & MSQ to boost your C# Programming Knowledge and be more prepared for technical interviews.

The test series is suitable both for students who are going to appear for any online C# Certification Test and Freshers who are going to appear for C# Job Test.

This series of practical C# tests contains more than 100 quality questions regarding all levels of C# knowledge (beginner , intermediate and advanced .

This series of tests concentrates on the following C# topics:

  • C# Environment

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Variables

  • Collections and Enumerables

  • Asynchronous programming

  • Operators

  • Conditionals

  • Functions

  • Loops

  • working with dates

The Practice Test is designed to help you not only assess your knowledge, but it will also help you be well prepared for real and common interview questions.

After attending this course, you will be one step closer to appearing for the job interview and certification exam with solid confidence.

All questions are prepared according to my past experience, historical reviews and preliminary job interview questions.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth taking a step towards C#, feel free to take up the challenge today.

It is strongly recommended to achieve a score of at least 70% on all practical tests before applying for a job interview.

Author(s): Badran Yahyaoui

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