Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Gamification – Create your Own!

Learn the basics of Gamification by creating your own Gamified System from scratch – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • The KEY actionable principles of Gamification
  • How to Build your own Gamified System from scratch using a step-by-step formula
  • How to Motivate people using techniques from the fields of Psychology and Behavioural Science
  • Understand your Audience and categorize them into unique Player Types
  • Deconstruct some popular Gamified systems and find out how they successfully Engage their Users
  • How to apply Gamification to improve your online e-commerce store, digital marketing, business management, and personal life


  • Interest in Gamification
  • Willingness to Learn by Doing – you must have the desire to create your own Gamified System


This course is geared towards the beginner who wants to learn more about Gamification. It has been created with the purpose of taking you from ground zero all the way to being able to create your own gamified systems with ease.

Designed with Application in Mind

This is not one of those courses that have countless hours of boring theory. Each lecture has been crafted to teach some actionable principles that you can begin implementing right away. All the knowledge that you will acquire in this course will be put to the test by the time you finish! This way, not only do you build a strong foundation of theoretical concepts, but also first-hand practical experience on how to apply them in real-world contexts.

A formula to create your own Gamified Systems

With this course you will get a framework that gives you a step-by-step formula to make your own Gamified systems from scratch. The framework has been designed to make the creative process feel fluid, robust and rewarding. The framework tackles many aspects of Gamification that beginners tend to struggle with and removes much of the guess-work, so that you can let your creativity fly! The framework is versatile and it can be adapted to suit the needs of a wide range of gamification projects – so your imagination is the only limit.Think of the framework like a toolkit for creating gamified systems. It contains a wide range of techniques, lenses and mechanics and a Manual for how to use each tool.

Discover the secret recipes of successful Gamified systemsIn this course, you will learn about how companies like Google and Target have used Gamification in their organizations. You will discover why Duolingo is the most popular language-learning application in the world and learn about how you can improve your marketing campaigns, ecommerce stores and even your own life with the power of Gamification.

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