Perfect UX design case study

It's time to make that big shift in your career path!

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What you’ll learn

  • How to create a perfect UX design case study
  • Understand the structure of a perfect UX design case study
  • Get inspired by other UX design case studies
  • Understand how recruiters and clients think when hiring a UX Designer
  • UX tips and techniques


  • UX design experience



  • You might haven’t started with creating your UX design case study or you may be feeling lost in how to start.

  • You are applying for a lot of jobs, but it’s hard to get a call even for the 1st round interview.

  • You feel tired in updating your portfolio and projects you worked on and you still feel nothing unique to show.

  • You are getting frustrated in searching for the best way to create a UX design case study, but you never find that clearly explained in any article or a Youtube video.

  • You start asking yourself … Am I good enough to be a UX designer? And why I can’t do my perfect UX design case study?!

  • Too many UX titles nowadays and too many buzzes around it, and you are trying to find a proper place for you in front of this industry.

What you are going to learn

  • You need to make sure that you have something that is really unique about you and will help you create a better UX design case study. For sure nobody can do that for you so you need to get ready for creating that amazing case study.

  • You will learn how recruiters and clients think and what are the main elements they are looking for.

  • You will learn what to include in your case study and how to tell a story.

  • You will see how I structured my case study for an eCommerce project I made.

  • Finishing your UX design case study will no longer be in your to-do list!

  • You will feel comfortable to send clients and recruiters a link for your UX design case study without any hesitation.

Let’s get started …

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