Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator – The Advanced Level

Learn Advanced logo design techniques from a published, award winning professional with 19 years experience!

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What you’ll learn

  • Analysis of the all important Fibonacci Sequence
  • Discover the Principle of the famous Golden Ratio rule

  • Gain wisdom into the Golden Ratio, it's existence in the world & its use

  • How to design an awesome logo utilising the Golden Ratio
  • Learn Isometric Gridding Techniques to develop stunning symbols
  • Discover Square Gridding Techniques to create high quality symbols
  • How to review and compile a Comprehensive Logo Design Questionnaire
  • Discover all in-depth stages of planning in Professional Logo Design
  • Learn how to compose a Logo Design Portfolio like a professional
  • Learn how, where and why to buy premium fonts & preview them in-project
  • Learn how to adjust type to make meaningful forms
  • Learn how to colour effectively with palettes and resources
  • Discover how to batch export all logo design formats
  • Discover how to set up and arrange content on multiple artboards for presentation & workflow
  • Learn the almighty Geshtalt Principles and how they pertain to logo design
  • Discover how to sell your unused logo designs for maximum profit
  • Discover how to enter your logo design into Award Competitions
  • Discover how to submit your logos to get Published in Books!


  • Adobe Illustrator (or Trial Version) for Mac or Windows.
  • Scanner or camera to capture sketches for tracing.
  • Sketching materials – pencil, paper, eraser. (Printable grids provided).
  • Positive, mature attitude.
  • Willingness to learn.


So, you’ve made it this far!

Whether you’ve tackled my Beginner & Intermediate logo design courses or if you’re just ready to jump into the deep end, to discover the gems of advanced logo design, I’ve got a whole range of logo design wisdom to reveal to you!

We’re going to explore the technical depths of advanced logo design skills!

In the course, I’m going to reveal everything from utilisation of grids, transposing them to illustrator, selection of high quality fonts and detailed type manipulation whilst exploring and utilising the almighty Golden Rule in a logo design case study for a luxury watch brand.

You’re going to learn how to plan and present professionally and how to use your initiative to conduct in-depth research which you can present to the client and store for your own reference.

This is the very fabric of an advanced logo designer and I’m going to reveal everything to you, so you can can become EXACTLY THAT!

Don’t hang around at the lower levels!

Join us at the very heights of Logo Design mentorship and acquire knowledge that will push your skills to the higher levels!

Your future as an Advanced Logo Designer is only a click away! >>

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