[Free] Learn To Design Stunning Youtube Thumbnail

Design Amazing YouTube Thumbnail and get Millions of Views on your Videos – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to get inspiration for a thumbnail design
  • Create 3 different kind of thumbnail designs
  • How to edit thumbnails for FREE
  • Create FREE Thumbnails in minutes


  • No Previous Experience Needed


In this course you will learn to create stunning YouTube Thumbnail designs for your YouTube Channel. You will learn to create these designs in a FREESoftware and you will learn to get inspiration for your design and how you can basically make any design with FREEtools.

Only reason why this course is FREEis because I see people struggling with making the thumbnails of their YouTube videos and I see them making bad thumbnails. I want to help them by creating a FREEresource for them here on Udemy where they can learn to create content themselves.

This will be a very beginner friendly course in which I will teach you how to use the FREE tools and make stunning thumbnails for yourself.

Course will Contain the following:

  • About me

  • Getting Inspiration for your design

  • Thumbnail design 01

  • Thumbnail design 02

  • Thumbnail design 03

All of these thumbnails that are made are also attached in the course. If you have any problem creating thumbnails for yourself, then you can see this beginner friendly course and you can learn to create the stunning and unique thumbnails for yourself. I made this course for you guys completely forFREEbecause all I want is to help you in your creative journey of creating better thumbnail designs.



Author(s): Syed Muhammad Muhsin Saeed

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