Learn Marker Drawing From Scratch To Professionality

Learn to sketch like professional product designers

What you’ll learn

  • The ability to sketch like designers and expand their ability to show off to display ideas professionally
  • High speed and ability to use inking pens
  • Use the marker in the render of sketches
  • Draw different sketches from more perspective
  • Get the texture of glass, marble, wood and stone


  • A set of different size ink pens and some colored marker pens
  • plus white paper and colored paper


This course is offered to students and graduates who study design in general. The course contains a variety of videos that enable you to understand the principles of sketches
Passes through four separate skits starting from the initial drawing steps through the most deceptive tricks and features in the markers
And ending with the work of more than one project, not only on white paper but with colored paper

Author(s): mahmoud Talaat

Deal Score+3
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