Lead generation for coaches and consultants

Learn how to design converting funnels for lead generation – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Create Highly converting landing page that will help you generate more leads
  • Know how to make your landing page highly persuasive to enhance your conversion
  • Understand the concept of sales funnel and build your first one with me!


  • You should only have a Laptop and a WordPress website ! And we can start 😀


If you are a coach or a consultant looking to sell your services or if you are an expert who wants to sell his courses online. It is very important to your business to generate leads.

if you go out there and ask people to buy your products or your services directly, most probably it will not work! because if people don’t know you , it is very difficult almost to make them buy from you.

So how to solve this problem? and how you make people know you more, so you convince them to buy your product?

well the answer is easy, you use email marketing.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to create trust between you and your prospective customers in order to achieve maximum conversions.

Hi there I am Rihab a digital marketer and a best seller udemy instructor and with more than 18 000 students. I have helped hundreds of my students to build and boost their online businesses and in this course I am going to help you boost your business by teaching you how to generate lots of leads to boost your business and take it to the next level.

so how do this work?

All you have to do is to create a landing page, in which you offer your visitors a valuable gift or a lead magnet. Once you got the email of your prospect, you start sending him emails providing value and showing that you are the best person who can help him solve his problem, and then from time to time you try so sell him your products or services.

In this course, i will show you how to build an attractive landing page in less than one hour, even without having any technical knowledge.

and to make the procedure easier, i even prepared for you a template, that you can download in 2 clicks, All you have to do is to customize it putting your own info and it will be ready for you…

you start by changing the headlines, putting your own video or photo, and uploading your own testimonials.

Than you can customize this section and you tell your audience why they should work with you, here you can introduce them to yourself by writing a small bio and then you can put an FAQ section where u answer frequent questions.

Using this template you’ll be able to design your landing page in seconds, and off course if you don’t like it, you can design yours from scratch.

No need anymore to work for hours and hours on your wordpress website, no need to install paid plugins and to worry about updating your theme and all the problems that comes with this.

Using the software i am going to show you in this course, you’ll be able to design a professional and converting landing page that will boost your lead generation machine in no time and without any stress and any complications!

In addition is this course, you will be learning in a very funny and effective way. the majority of the lectures are white board videos and with a lot of animation designed precisely to make you understand well the concepts and spare you any confusion. All lectures have some soft background music to help you relax and concentrate. Thru these lectures you will never feel bored or overwhelmed!

See you in a few minutes,

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