GRE Data Analysis – Permutations, Combinations & Probability

GRE | Permutations | Combinations | Probability | Solved real GRE problems | Practice Quiz | – Free Course

Deal Score+8
  • Ability to accurately solve Permutations and Combinations problems in the GRE.
  • Ability to accurately solve Probability problems in the GRE.
  • Ability to solve GRE Type questions: Multiple Choice (One answer, one or more answers), Quantitative Comparison, and Numeric Entry.
  • Ability to appreciate the beauty of Probability.


  • Basic math skills required
  • Calculator (on-screen or physical – either will do)


  • For each concept(example: Probability) covered, I will cover a few real GRE questions on the same.

  • I have gone through the grind, just as you are going through it now, so I know what questions you may have while going through a topic.

  • I know how to anticipate those questions and I will endeavor to cover all the questions (questions that cropped up in my head at each stage).

  • I also do know that no question is silly. Actually, the silliest ones are those that actually test and strengthen one’s fundamentals. Believe me! I asked many of those.

  • For each topic covered, I will provide with practice GRE questions as resources for you to practice.

I have taken the GRE and scored a 330 (168Q, 162V). I know exactly what the GRE tests, what kind of questions are asked and what the thinking is, behind asking such questions. Being aware of that, coupled with good amount of practice, would ensure that you would score a 165+ in the quantitative section of GRE.

The course, along with the designated course content, will also contain highly useful tips and tricks about the overall exam, strategies, pacing, question selection and so on. These tips & tricks have helped me immensely in acing the GRE test.

PS: I have kept the headings of the course consistent with the ones in the Official Guide 3rd Edition.

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