Drawing: Horses, Pegasus & Unicorns *BOOSTER PACK*

Learn the building blocks of drawing realistic, cartoon and mythical horses! – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Everything About Drawing Horses!
  • The Best Art Tools
  • Realistic Horse Anatomy From the Front, Side, and Profile Views
  • Horse Faces
  • Cartoon Horses
  • Adding Wings To Make Pegasus
  • Adding Horns To Make Unicorns


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • The Willingness to Practice!



Quit Guessing!My Booster Pack courses are designed to hone your skills in a specialized area to a degree that most other courses will not achieve for you.In this course I will advance your skills in drawing realistic and cartoon horses to the point where you can begin drawing them from memory. You will be brought at a comfortable pace through every shape and muscle of this complex creature so you won’t miss a single detail. I will also show you all of the art tools that I use so you can begin with the best chance of success right away. By the end, you will have a working knowledge of this animal to the point where you can begin morphing it to create fantasy creatures like pegasus and unicorns, the first steps in becoming a concept artist!


I will prove to you that there are rules to drawing that apply 100% of the time and when you begin compounding these easy “No Guess” principles you will find your artwork will get immediately better, even if you can only draw a stick man right now!

The info in this course is timeless and will never go out of date. One thing I can say for certain is that talent is NOT everything, but like anything else, practice is a KEY ingredient in your success!I WILL give you everything you need to begin on the right track towards becoming good at this!


This course was filmed with crisp audio and captured in 1080p video by a professional, giving you top notch production quality. You don’t need to look any further, for less than the price of a how-to-draw book you can try this drawing course risk free. It’s a no brainer!

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