[Free] Blender 3D Modeling For Furniture Object Practice

Best furniture Example to began 3d modeling practice for beginner – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • we are going to see furniture modeling,the best way to practice for beginners on the blender application required less modification tools to create object
  • 3d modeling in blender and basic tool to use blender application also will get aware of blender interface.
  • how to add material to object such as procedural PBR and UV mapping editing.
  • you will get knowledge of best use of the modifiers on object in very easy way.
  • to model the object in proper proportion to reality.


  • As this course is about 3d modeling in blender , i am expecting that the student who are enrolling in this course must have basic knowledge of blender application such as
  • interface of blender
  • able to manage object in edit mode and object mode
  • student must aware of all transformation tools such as “move rotate and scale,edges vertex and face functionality in edit mode
  • Minimum knowledge of modifires to model an object
  • Basic of adding materials to objects by procedural and PBR material and UV mapping


Furniture 3D modeling

  • most of us have already started learning blender or completed basic fundamental of blender such as blender interface

    and all edit tools including modifiers which covers the maximum portion to model 3d object.

  • Now its time to practice all the skills we have studied because blender is very big application inorder to remember the maximum possible tools we must start practicing.

  • In this series we are going to start with furniture 3d modeling ,because furniture is the best object to practice in a blender,the maximum object uses a flat surface and uses all basic edit and modifiers to model it.

  • We will go through different section furniture types.such as chairs,tables,wardrobe,bed etc.

    All geometry furniture is simple but it allows us to practice basic skills and tips of 3d modeling.

Material and UV mapping,PBR

  • As this the 3d modeling series ,I am expecting that students joining this course must have basic knowledge of the materials adding to the objects and uv.

  • Just for a memory i will explain the basics for adding material to objects such as colors,material properties,UV mapping and PBR.

  • In this series as we are modeling furniture’s so maximum object material to be used is PBR,All the PBR material is free to use on websites i.e,non-copyrighted materials.

  • I will not go deep about materials ,only explain how to apply and manipulate different sections of the object.

Author(s): Suraj Kondagurla

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