Anime Drawing Course | How to draw FACE

Learn all essential lessons to draw pretty face faster

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What you’ll learn

  • 💗 Can draw beautiful faces, as simple as that!
  • 💗 Real Practise! I also encourage you to send homework in the group for me to check so that you will improve faster!
  • 💗 Can ask any questions in my Facebook group
  • 💗 Can make an extra income by drawing! I can also guide you personally on that, just contact in our group 🙂


  • 💗 No basic needed



  • The content will be delivered in Thai. However there is an English subtitle for it 🙂

  • During promotion price, the access to the group will not be available.

What you will become after the course…

  • You will be improved because of practical and concise tricks that you can implement right away after watching. The content will not be too theoretical and boring as I would like to focus on ‘practising right after watching’ which is the most important elements of all!

  • You will save your 10+ years of trials and errors as I have already summed up my 10+ years of experiences in this course!

  • It’s a super discounted real practical class as you will have a real teacher corrects your work. I believe that if you only watch the video, this won’t help anything. I therefore create a facebook group which you can join on my facebook group called ctclockwisescoursecamp to send homework and ask about anything. Homework can be sent at any time you want. However, I would encourage you to follow the schedule I have provided in the group to see the result faster.

Former Students Reviews

I have watched this so many times! I just knew that my picture does not have any variation in line weight at all… I will definitely use your techniques! Your instruction is really great and clear.  – Giggle Yansri

I really like how you explain everything in really clear and concise ways. I also have never known that the pressure of the line is really important! Everything is so smooth and not boring at all. Thank you! – Naveeta U-ma

I do like how you put in so many details on each step! I was nervous at first when I saw the homework xD but you did make it sound easy! – マーク ジョーンズ

It’s really nice how you demonstrated everything you explained and used an easy-to-look-at table for the important lines! Another thing I like a lot about this video is showing your old drawings as examples for mistakes and giving us a checklist.

– Luu Pandanerd

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