3D Studio Max Foundation

Learn key modelling techniques & create a colourful 3D cartoon scene – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Learn key modelling techniques such as Edit Poly, Splines and FFD to create basic 3D Models
  • Use the Slate Material Editor to create and apply colours
  • Block out and create your own stylised house and props
  • Create and set up a camera ready for rendering
  • Render a finished image with the Quicksilver renderer


  • Students should first watch the basic introduction videos that come with 3ds max to navigate and use the viewport.
  • Free Trial or Student Version of 3DS Max is needed.


This course will teach complete beginners key modelling techniques in 3Ds Maxfrom modelling foundations to finishing your own eye catching cartoon scene.Why Learn 3ds Max?

3D studio Max has been used commercially for 23 years and is robust and efficient software for both low and high polygon modelling for games, commercials and architecture. It remains a popular choice for major game studios around the world. What 3Ds max offers above other 3d modelling programs is it’s huge amount of modifiers which makes the modelling process fast, flexible and easy.

Students can get a free 3 year license to use the full program or you can download a free one month trial from the Autodesk site.The course is broken down into two easy to follow parts:Part 1: 3ds Max Modelling TechniquesYour teacher is Niko Ola-Opas from games company Twisted Ark will guide you through the foundation of 3ds Max. In order to speed up learning we focus on the core tools that are more useful for a beginner to utilise. Making learning less daunting and faster so you can practice the essential techniques right away.Starting with creating and modifying basic primitive shapes, you will then cover in more detail:Customising The UI: Setting up the user interface and applying materials to 3d objectsSlate Material Editor: Applying colours to your 3D modelsEdit Poly Modifier: How to extrude, bevel, cut, connect, chamfer, bridge, inset and weld your modelsFFD modifier: Bend, Twist and deform 3D shapes Splines: Create more curved geometry and lathe a vase shapePractice exercises are included to keep you challenged and inspired and we have a Facebookgroup so post your work in progress, finished work and ask questions for professional feedback.  Please Note: We do not go through UVW unwrapping in 3Ds max and texturing in Photoshopduring this course.Part: 2 Modelling A Diorama: Cottage In The Woods

For this section we have picked a wooden house in the woods a perfect place to put your new modelling skills to the test. Here you can follow the tutorial or adapt it and create your own cartoon scene.In this section we will cover:

  • Blocking out the main forms of the house

  • Modelling details such as the roof and windows utilising splines and edit poly

  • How to stylise the 3D scene

  • Applying colourful cartoon style materials

  • Setting up the main camera

  • Rendering your finished polished scene

This course is perfect for game art beginners or those wanting to learn the foundations of 3d modelling in a fun and effective way with professional guidance! Being familiar with the basic Viewports and navigationis needed before starting the course. (these videos are all contained within 3ds max)Ready to start your 3D Journey? lets get started!

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