[Free] 3D Reservoir Geological Modeling

Oil and gas reservoir 3D geological modeling techniques and methods are given step by step in this course – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Data quality check and data integration
  • Building structural and stratigraphic models
  • Building up a complete 3D geocellular model
  • Depositional and petrophysical facies modeling
  • Stochastic and deterministic property modeling
  • Uncertainty mitigation by generating realizations or scenario, ranking
  • Although the course is designed software independent. Throughout the course Petrel (Schlumberger) materials are given


  • Basic concepts of oil/gas reservoirs
  • Basic concepts of oil/gas exploration and development operations
  • Oil and Gas field measurements/tools/data
  • Basics of modeling software


In this short course, concept and the methodology of data integration in geological modeling are addressed with practical applications. Integration includes incorporation of geological information, seismic, petrophysical and dynamic data. Practical methodology of the best practices and troubleshooting of 3D reservoir characterization in the light of geo-statistics are covered in each step of geo-modeling processes.

Process of data handling, importing, editing, quality controlling, quantitative analysis and constraining the results of modeling algorithms in the steps of picking, fault modeling, gridding, generating horizons, zoning, layering and property modeling are captured by using different tools and plots.

Author(s): Serdar Kaya

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