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Live a life of FREEDOM by learning Personal Finance for the Millennial generation

Build habits and achieve your goals on autopilot without relying on motivation or willpower to do it

Learn how to improve your sense of humor by understanding the systems behind why people laugh.

Learn how to take an ROI investment based approach to evaluating a coaching program, before you spend thousands.

Learn the evidence-based techniques that will get you the max score in your limited time.

Learn to obliterate shyness, blast away social anxiety and conquer anything else stopping you from achieving your goals!

Learn about seances, ouija boards, scrying, and channeling

Learn to Master Your Skills to be a Great TEDx Speaker. - Free Course

How To Navigate The Realm of Emotion to Reduce Stress, Improve Relationships, and Transform Your Inner Well-Being - Free Course

Course on experiences and a methodology to investigate spirits, ghosts, and explore if your home could be haunted.

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