Revenue & Yield Management for Hotels and SME- Fundamentals

Learn Fundamentals of Revenue Management, Inventory Management, Business Segmentation and Customer Profiling

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What you’ll learn

  • Revenue Management Fundamentals through hospitality indistry
  • Pricing Techniques

  • Segmenting & Profiling Business

  • Competition and SWOT analysis
  • Yeiling the business to maximise profits


  • Enterpreneurship attitude to maximise business
  • Fundamental Understanding of business terms
  • Willingness to reeearch to understand your customers


Revenue Management is essential whenever businesses can charge different prices from different customers. Like airlines, hotels, restaurants & other service industries

Revenue Management comes in picture where different peoples uses same product & services for different reasons and have different willingness to pay. For Example Airlines, Hotels, Advertising Services.

Inventory in these are perishable and unsold are considered as loss. In these scenarios Maximizing revenue can be difficult

This course talks about fundamentals of revenue management for hotels in particular and other industries in general.

This Course will help you to become understand what are fundamentals of revenue management.

Why you should take this course and What to expect

  • Learn Fundamentals of Revenue Management,

  • Pricing Pillars, Concepts and Dangers,

  • Analyse Inventory Management

  • What are typical revenue management decisions you would make.

  • What data is required to make such decision.

Unique Features

– focus on theoretical Aspects

– Personalized review.

– Continuous guidance in your learning ensuring that you achieve your objective of subscribing to this course.

– Regular Updates on case studies based on your feedbacks

Even though the course is online with no physical presence, assignments in this course will give you a change of personal interaction as i will review all assignment personally and give you personalized guidance.

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