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Discover how to solve problems and make decisions that will save you time and get quick results – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • How to use First Principle Reasoning and other thinking possibilities to solve problems
  • How to Identify and Investigate problems
  • Explore options available to you and how to find solutions
  • How to select the best options
  • How to make an informed decision
  • How to execute your decision and solve the problem
  • Evaluate your solution
  • Understand how your attitude and assertiveness influences problem solving and decision making.


  • English language


We all have to solve problems and make decisions on a daily basis, sometimes we have to make decisions in the spur of the moment and that can lead to wrong decisions or more extended problems.

Why is Problem Solving skills so important?

1. It helps you to understand and develop investigative, analytical, critical skills needed for everyday life.

2. Face problems with positivity and clear mindset.

3. Increase confidence to solve more complex problems.

4. Help you think outside the box.

5. Define problems and not jumping to conclusions.

6. Help you to balance creativity and logical thinking and help you to get to the best solution.

7. Challenging yourself.

By doing this course, you will learn that there are different ways of thinking that influences your problem solving and decision making abilities. You will use the five step process by way of a new perspective. Looking at problems in more depth and using a structured approach in dealing with problems and making confident, informed and firm decisions. Who you are, your values, attitude and assertiveness will impact the way you work and dealing with people.

It is important to follow a process to solve problems. Without a plan of action or process, it will be hard and ineffective, and get stuck with no answers. With a plan and process, you will be able to solve your problems quickly and effectively.

This is a transferable skill that you will use for the rest of your life.

Author(s): Magda Hamman

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