Microsoft Excel: Beginner to Intermediate Data Analysis

Learn Data Analysis, Formulas, and Pivot Tables. Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel for Beginners and Intermediate users – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • How to create Pivot Tables to quickly summarize data
  • How to use VLOOKUP and INDEX/MATCH to pull out specific info from large data sets
  • How to use basic math/statistical functions like SUM, AVERAGE, COUNTIFS, and more…
  • How to build conditional statements using the IF() function
  • How to organize data to be scalable and easily used other data analysts
  • How to move around Excel quickly and efficiently
  • How to sort and filter data based on specific criteria
  • How to streamline your data analysis workflow in Excel


  • Microsoft Excel for PC (2013 or later recommended. Some features may not be available in earlier versions)
  • Some prior knowledge of Excel will be helpful.


This course will teach you to go from level up from beginner to intermediate in Excel in around 2 hours. You’ll learn a wide variety of important Excel features, including Pivot Tables, sorting and filtering, keyboard shortcuts, as well as intermediate functions like VLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH, IF statements, and many more (2016 PC Version used in course).

Sample data sets provided for you to follow along and learn as you watch!

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