Lessons From 20,000,000 in 2018 – Amazon FBA The Right Way

Build your brand and sell on Amazon the right way. No fluff. Full of strategic and tactical content. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Amazon FBA from A to Z.
  • All you need to know to find a profitable product to marketing your products outside of Amazon.

  • Launching your products the right way.

  • Using Social Media, Landing Pages, Auto responders, Contests, ManyChat and more to build an email list outside of Amazon
  • Decoding Amazon PPC.


  • No knowledge required!


Welcome to the FBA Mavericks Elite Program. The only no BS, straight to the point FBA course.

Learn from $20,000,000 in sales in 2018. The ups and the downs. Over 80 videos filled with golden nuggets

In this course, you’ll learn everything you need to go from “no idea what to do” to selling your first profitable product in no time. The course includes:

  • Introduction to Amazon FBA

    • Learn the fundamentals to building your profitable business

  • Product Research

    • Over 10 different ways to find products on and off Amazon FBA. Including my own private template to remove the overwhelm that comes with finding your first product

  • Product Sourcing

    • Find the right suppliers for your products within a few minutes

    • Get FREE samples within a few days

  • Product Shipping

    • Learn how to navigate the dreaded shipping part!

    • Get the best rates through my private network of providers

  • Branding

    • How to brand your products on Amazon and what it means

    • Separating yourself from the others to stand out

  • Optimizing your listing to crush the competition

    • How to select the right keywords

    • What image you should use for your main image

    • What your secondary images should look like

    • How to write your Title, bullet points, description and backend of your listing

    • Using flat files to update the listing

    • Grab my private email sequence template and plug it in your business directly

    • A few more tips to rank higher…

  • Social Media

    • An introduction to Facebook, Email, and ManyChat

    • How to build your email list to get more reviews and launch your product easily

    • Creating an optin page

    • And more!

  • Product Launch

    • What matters the most…

    • Getting reviews before and during the launch

    • How many unit you need to launch

    • A few key tactics to help you rank fast

  • Amazon PPC

    • All the foundation you need to finally understand Amazon PPC

    • A 1h10+ long masterclass by one of the best minds for Amazon PPC (…I’m flattered, but it’s not me!)

    • Additional tactics you can use for your own products

  • Bonuses

    • A few cool bonuses that I will keep updating over time

  • BONUS – The Amazon Playbook

    • A guide that contains over 50 SOPs (standard operating procedures) and tactics that you can use in your business to get to the next level…

With this course, you will possess all the knowledge necessary to build your own ecommerce empire.

Whether you do it or not… it’s completely up to you.

I hope to see you inside. Take care


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