Get your Dream Job in Germany! Course from HR professional

Learn, how to write the perfect application and to convince in the job interview. With examples in English and German.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn everything you need to know in order to get the job of your dreams in Germany!
  • Learn how to write the perfect cover letter and rsum according to German standards
  • Prepare yourself ideally for job interviews
  • Master job interviews in person and via video telephony
  • From German psychologist with HR experience in major German companies like Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn


  • There is no preexisting knowledge required


This video course offers you all the tools you need to convince HR managers and executives in the application process in order for you to get the job of your dreams in Germany! You will learn how to write the perfect cover letter and rsum, how German job interviews work and how you can ideally answer the most commonly asked questions.

My name is Julia Barden, I am a psychologist and I’ve worked in the human resources department of German companies such as Commerzbank and Deutsche Bahn, so I know what HR managers and executives look for in candidates and how to convince them. Besides the theory you will find examples of cover letters and CVs both in English and German and also examples for great answers in the job interview in English and German. There will also be exercises for you to apply your knowledge.

Now, lets take a more detailed look at what the course content:

First of all, we will cover the job search and the best way to look for jobs in Germany.

Then, you will then learn how to analyze job advertisements so that you can write the cover letter and rsum appropriately and prepare for the job interview. As a practical example, we analyze a job advertisement and in the practical exercise you will find and analyze three job advertisements that are of interest to you.

The next chapter is about the cover letter. You will learn how to write a cover letter that is perfectly adapted to the position, which structure you should follow and how to convincingly present your skills and motivation for the position. As a practical example, you will find a cover letter based on the sample job advertisement, both in English and in German. As an exercise, you will write three cover letters for the positions that you have selected.

In the next chapter you will learn how to write the rsum. We will go over the structure of the rsum and all sections in detail. Additionally, as an example you will find a resume both in English and German that fits the job description. The practical exercise will be to adjust your resume to the German standard with the help of the tools you have learned.

The next topic is the job interview in Germany and how you can best prepare for it. You will learn how job interviews in Germany are structured both in person and via video call and which questions are common and how you can answer them convincingly. Additionally, I will give example answers to each of the common questions, both in English and German. In the practical exercise you will prepare for your job interview based on what you have learned.

Finally, we will come to the topic of salary, in particular on how you can determine your salary expectations and I will also give you strategies for the salary negotiation.

So, enroll in the video course now and get ready to get your dream job in Germany!

Author(s): Julia Barden

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