[82% Off] Future Farms: Understanding Growlights For Hydroponics

An overview of the complexities of LED grow lighting, helping hobbyists and entrepreneurs select the right technologies – Free Course

What you’ll learn

  • Understand Complexities of Horticulture Lighting
  • Be able to select the right LED growlight for your operation
  • Identify the right cultivation environment for your crop
  • Learn the basics of a indoor farm


  • No Experience needed


Indoor farming is fast becoming a popular way to make money. In addition many hobbyists and entrepreneurs are growing cannabis or other plants at home under lights. This course will provide the students details on how these lights work and what to look for when selecting grow lights and different cultivation environments such as greenhouses for their operation.

The course was created to summarise much of the available information out there to provide the student a concise, to the point, course to understand the many complexities for horticulture lighting. Everything from lux, to PAR and PPFD is covered in this module. Once the student has completed this course they will be able to go to the market with confidence and source the material they need with a greater understanding of the core necessities of horticulture lighting.

The syllabus will include details on the following:

1) Introduction to Horticulture lighting

2) Understanding Lighting Spectrum

3) Understanding Wavelengths

4) Other factors to consider

5) Cultivation environments

6) Environmental controls

Are you struggling to sift through the huge amounts of information on the internet to find the correct grow light to farm Cannabis at home? Are you a indoor farmer that wants to farm lettuce or microgreens and need to understand what light you require in your country? Do you have a greenhouse and are looking for supplementary lighting? Then this course is for you.

Author(s): Gregory Daynes

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