EFT Your Business for Success

Sharpening Your Axe to Gently Cut Through the Self Sabotaging Behaviours Preventing Your Success

What you’ll learn

  • People will be able to communicate easier.
  • People will be able to tap away stress.


  • A Tablet, Mac or PC.
  • Desire to improve in all areas of life is required
  • Strong desire to grow your business


When you are in that high-stakes meeting, sales presentation, interaction or conflict your presence is both emotional and physiological. Your thoughts race and heart pounds. People are watching you.

How do you execute when the pressure is on? Confidence is helpful, but self-esteem is feeling worthy that you belong.

In this course you will learn the art of Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping to remove all self-doubt, feelings of not being worthy, unconscious self-sabotaging beliefs and emotional stress.

Business is about making money. It is also about selling yourself.

If you do not have confidence or you sabotage yourself with what ifs, what do they think of me? or I cant close this sale. you lose an opportunity to grow, take on a new client or investor. When there is tension or poor communication the organization suffers.

Productivity suffers. A sale is lost. You feel like a failure. You lose money, or the business stays stagnant.

This course teaches how to remove conscious and unconscious blocks to success.

Author(s): Scott Paton, Joan Kaylor, Scott Alex

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