Cook That Speech: A Quick Guide to Public Speaking

Become a Better and More Engaging Speaker

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What you’ll learn

  • How to deliver a great speech


  • Interest in becoming a better and more engaging speaker


The ability to hold an audience spellbound is… everything!

Elections have been won, thanks to the ability to communicate effectively in public. Nations have gone to war, prompted by the masterful deliveries of great speakers. Companies have raised huge capital. Causes have received overwhelming support. Many good (and bad) results have been achieved by the people who had the ability to hold the attention of crowds. One thing is certain: public speaking is a skill any leader, or one who intends to be, should have.

Olumide Adeleye, Founder of The Twim Art Institute in Nigeria, draws on his experiences delivering speeches to different audiences across the nation and presents an essential guide for people who are looking to develop their public speaking ability.

Comparing public speaking to cooking soup, Olumide talks about gathering the ingredients for your speech, turning on the fire from your very first few seconds of speaking, sustaining the temperature of the room by keeping your speech alive, and knowing when it’s time to turn off the fire.

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