Agile Scrum: Learn to use Scrum for Beginners

Overview of Agile Scrum for Beginners in a short & simple way. This course has been designed to learn Scrum quickly. – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Agile Basic Concepts
  • How Scrum works

  • Scrum Foundation, Scrum Artifacts, Roles, Ceremonies, Metrics

  • User Stories


  • You don’t need to have any prior experience of Agile Scrum to start with this course,
  • This course is also be a perfect fit for those who is using Scrum and want to improve their understanding of Scrum. So, this Scrum course can serve as a knowledge base for those who are already working with Scrum or agile or for those who have only heard about it and want to fully understand its principles and want to apply that in the day to day work.


Learn Scrum and agile principles

  • Understand the Scrum framework basics.

  • List all core Scrum elements (Roles, Artifacts, Events, Values) and explain their meaning.

  • Scrum Metrics

  • User Stories

This course is divided into multiple modules. Each module consists of multiple sections ending with a quiz that helps to solidify the knowledge. In addition to that there are many handouts to download to make sure that you get the best learning experience.

Purposefully the course has been designed as short, simple & to the point to make sure it is quick to learn about the Agile Scrum concept.

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