Learn the law of contract without stress

Go from A-Z in the law of contract and learn complicated concepts with ease and without too many books – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • This course will give you a rigorous understanding of the law of contract in a very easy way. Tests and assignments will also prepare you to ace your exam


  • There are no prerequisites except a good understanding of English language


This course is designed to give you an intensive understanding of the scope and fundamentals of common law contract law.

What are you going to get out of this course?

The biggest impediment to learning is building knowledge on a shaky foundation.

Lord Denning said in the celebrated Case of UAC vs MacFoy that you cannot put something on nothing and expect it to stay there. Unfortunately this very fundamental course tends to be the first serious course law students run into and all the materials and lectures out there are generally designed very technically.

Therefore what you will get out of this course is a rigorous and comprehensive understanding of the law of contract without feeling that you have been forced to undergo a colonoscopy. So I will start with a series on the fundamental knowledge and principles of contract law. This is because when you want to learn anything, it makes sense to learn the parts, then synthesise into a large whole.

The reason I created this course is that when I was in the University, I discovered that we are learning law the same way that it has been taught for centuries – big book after big, dry, boring book. I hated it.

As someone with a passion for software development, I spend a lot of time learning things by myself, and I have realised that learning fundamental legal concepts does not have to be so difficult.

So, I have tried to create a course that will try to be as bright and engaging as possible while breaking down the concepts into easy to comprehend chunks.

And then we will move on to explore how these principles fit into one integrated whole.

Finally, why should you learn law electronically? First, because it is easier, even for those who are not too comfortable with technology. Secondly, no matter what area of law you intend to venture into after your studies, your work will benefit from access to technology. Current and emerging technologies are altering the way lawyers research, collaborate, file actions and work. So, taking this course this early in your legal studies will help you get more comfortable with technology and the law.

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