GCSE and High School Foundation Mathematics Tutoring Level 5

Does your child (10-16 years old) need a little extra help with their Maths? – Free Course

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What you’ll learn

  • Learning Objective is to realise that level 5 mathematics is doable and have the confidence to complete the GCSE Foundation Exam


  • A pen and maths equipment with an exercise book to make notes in plus a good learning attitude


In this Level 5 GCSE (11-16 years old) Foundation and Higher course we go through a selection of 11 key topics for your child to improve their Maths results. We have picked out the 11 topics which students find the most difficult in this level

Video 1. Arc Length

Video 2. Difference of Two Squares

Video 3: Exterior Angles

Video 4: Factorising Quadratic

Video 5: Interior Angles

Video 6: Negative Powers

Video 7: Sector Area

Video 8: Simultaneous Equations

Video 9: Solve Quadratics

Video 10: Trigonometry

Video 11:


Weekly Exam Preparation Course With Lots of Questions Which We Mark And Give Feedback

Weekly Homework Which We Mark And Return With Feedback

Weekly 1-1 sessions

Weekly Group Online Sessions: Join one of our tutoring groups,

Weekly Homework Help: You ask us any Maths question and we answer it for you with complete working out

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