Electromagnetic Tutorials part 1 with MATLAB & GeoGebra

Vector algebra – Free Course

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What Will I Learn?

  • Use Matlab and GeoGebra to draw and solve vector problems
  • Use vectors technique to solve electromagnetic problems

  • Dot products and its applications

  • Cross products and its applications
  • Scalar and Vector Triple Product


  • Secondary school vectors knowledge


Electromagnetic tutorial to learn how to use mathematical skills for solving Electromagnetic problems from Coulomb’s Law to Maxwell’s equations ,

this is the first course out of 9 Parts, ( all from sadiku book: elements of electromagnetic)

CH 1: Vector Algebra

CH 2: Coordinate Systems and Transformations

CH 3: Vector Calculus

CH 4: Electro Static Fields

CH 5: Electric Fields in Material Space

CH 6: Electro Static Boundary-Value Problems

CH 7: Magneto Static Fields

CH 8: Magnetic Forces Materials and Devices

CH 9: Maxwell’s Equations

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