Coulomb's Law

Understand Coulomb's law and Electrostatic force – Free Course

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What Will I Learn?

  • What is Charge and Electrostatic Force #1
  • What is Coulomb's Law #2

  • Understand the law through 3 problems #3

  • What is Charge Distribution #4
  • Combining Coulomb's Force and Newton's Force in a Numerical #5


  • This course assumes you have studied physics in standard 10 or high school and are familiar with the basic concepts


Coulomb’s law establishes the force between two charged particles. This force could be attractive if the charges are opposite and repulsive if they are like. This law was given by the french scientist Charles Coulomb.

This chapter gives a more nuanced understating of it by way of first explaining charge and how it (re)distributes itself under various conditions. It then builds on this to explain the law and how it can be used to solve various kind of problems

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