Basics of diodes – a problem solving approach

Semiconductor pn junction diode solved problems – Free Course

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What Will I Learn?

  • How to solve problems on diode circuits
  • Characteristics of diode and applications


  • You should know at least what is a semiconductor pn junction diode


hi students,

We all study semiconductor diodes as a basic course in electronics .

Here in this lecture series we choose some basic problems from renowned textbooks and fully solved them to get an idea how a diode acts as a switch or clipper clamper or rectifier .

These problems are selected from the following text books

1.microelectronics by Sedra and smith

2.electronic devices and circuits by Robert l boylsted

3.microelectronics by Donald a neamen etc

You can these videos are video solution manual on diode chapters of these books

We will release all chapters solutions in upcoming video series.

Thank you.

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